Never Failed Me Yet

It is tradition in my Community to pray together around the cross on Good Friday. I have been doing this most years for quite some time now, but I feel today moved me more than any other year before. It was such a beautiful evening, and so deeply felt by all of us. We sing together, some of us share a few thoughts about their faith and their experience of the cross, we pray at the cross if we wish, and this time we ended with a piece of music I had never heard.

It is a recording of a homeless man singing “Jesus’ blood never failed me yet, never failed me yet/ Jesus’ blood never failed me yet/ There’s one thing I know/ For he loves me so”. Gavin Bryars created a composition with the almost accidental recording – you can read the story of this piece of music here (and it is worth reading). 

Apart from everything else that touched me tonight, this music will certainly stay with me. 

There is so much beauty in us broken people, and so much love in our broken God.

Loyola Hall (first retreat)6

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  1. dbobstoner says:

    That photograph is very moving – thank you

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