Things To Say ‘Fuck It’ To.

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Living life is the most wonderful thing we’ll ever do. It’s a beautiful journey of wonder, learning, exploring, loving and amazement. But there’s also a lot of shitty things that cross our paths, and to those things we say ‘fuck it’, because we can, because we’re all adults here and swearing feels good. Not sure which things to mentally flip off? Here are some examples.

Feeling like you’re not enough. You’re so enough. It’s insane how enough you are.

Hunting for love. Yes, it’s worth fighting for, and sometimes you need to push through a bit to get to the point you want to be at, but it shouldn’t be a chore and it should never make you feel bad.

Spending time on something you hate. You don’t have to enjoy everything you do, some things that need to be done are a pain in the ass and dealing with that is just a part of being human. But by god just avoid everything that drains you, when you can, because life really isn’t that long and enjoying it is the essence of being alive.

Being stuck somewhere where you don’t feel at home. Move. Just pack your shit and move to a place where you feel alive. I can tell you, from my own experience, that it will enhance and enrich your life in such a big way. It’s worth it, whatever the cost, whatever it may be your Fear is trying to tell you to stop from going for what you want, tell it to shut up, because it’s worth it. Cross my heart.

People who don’t bring you alive. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: life is too fucking short. Spend time with the ones who make you feel like you’re the magnificent being you are, everyone else really isn’t worth your time. Yep, that does sound harsh, the truth always does.

Reading books that you don’t actually enjoy that much. As Oscar Wilde said, “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”

Looking a certain way for someone/everyone else. Throw on whatever makes you feel like a badass babe and if that makes them stare: good. And if you’re not that comfortable with having unknown eyes fixed on you, listen to Prince, he’ll make you feel fiiiine and you’ll swing your way through it all.

People who find it strange that you don’t want to go out. Solitude is beautiful, and even though being around others can be the most wonderful thing, sometimes you need a night to recharge and chill the fuck out. Yes to Netflix! Yes to snacks! Yes to wine! And yes to combining all that whilst wearing your pj’s!

Reality TV. Because come ooooooooon. (If you make your own life interesting enough, you really don’t have to watch that shit, sweetheart.)

Saying that you’re not creative. Everyone – I repeat: everyone – is creative. That doesn’t mean everyone is the next Van Gogh or Mozart, but everyone is a creator and actually making something is the most wonderfully exciting thing ever.

Working a shit job because it pays alright. Nope. Nope. Nope. Your job takes up so much of your time, don’t let that be something that drains you, it will ruin your whole life. (Side note: if you’re working a job that isn’t as fabulous, to support something that is, then this statement doesn’t really apply. Unless it is absolutely dragging you down, in which case it does apply and it’s probably time for you to find something else.)

Feeling like you’re not allowed to change your opinion. You’re human (if you’re not, rock on! And I want to meet you, whatever you may be) and you are constantly learning and evolving, which means you change your mind.

People who tell you your taste in music, food, games, films, fashion, or whatever may be, isn’t good. Fuck that. Your taste is fucking incredible, because you like whatever it is you like, because it makes you feel good, and feeling good is the essence of everything.

Depriving yourself of sleep because that shows work ethic. Yeah, it makes it look like you’re working super hard – which you are probably doing – but it also fucks up your health. You need your beauty sleep, for both body and brain. Just look at that comfortable bed, ahhhhh, and snooze.

People who are making you do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be mega cool, but only if it’s on your terms, other wise it’s not gonna happen, ‘kay?

Worrying about what others think about you. If you’re open and honest, the real, beautiful, magnificent you shines through and that’s great. If someone else perceives you for something you’re not, that says a whole lot about them and absolutely nothing about you. Shine oooooon.

Always being busy. It’s great that you’re doing all kinds of amazing things, and you should definitely keep doing that, but you do need a bit of peace and quiet from time to time. Relaxing gives you the space to think and cultivate new thoughts and ideas. Go for walks. Meditate. Lay in the grass to look at the stars. Listen to music for an hour. Just rest.

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