What Brings Me Joy I

  1. Walking Stories/Dance Umbrella at Waterlow Park – sunshine, nature, restful interacting with people, interacting with nature, surrounded with beauty, movement. I felt really there. I really saw this place. Most relaxed I have been all year, including my holidays.
  2. flowers.
  3. peonies in particular. 
  4. stories – reading, talking, films, photos.
  5. pottery mugs. beautiful, grounded, handmade, artistic, warm. my symbol for home. the “one day, these will hang on hooks in my kitchen” collection.
  6. being in artists’ spaces, studios, watching artists work. dreaming I was one.
  7. people being more themselves when praying, more sincere, more truthful. learning to be kinder with each other. honouring vulnerability. learning to be with pain and fear in others without feeling the need to “fix it”.
  8. true silence at night – countryside silence.
  9. being somewhere where I can see the stars at night.stars_2475097b
  10. water – the sea, rivers, rain
  11. discovering drawing
  12. exploring textures, touch, colours – painting with acrylics, on canvas, with my hands
  13. poets – finding my tribe
  14. new images that connect ideas for me – metaphors
  15. tenderness
  16. people who understand and/or trust how I “tick”.
  17. women who claim their own body and mind and feelings and spirit and creativity and way of living, whatever it may be. freedom. trust that all this belongs to me. not bothering with unspoken barriers that we are “meant to know”/stick to.
  18. my relationship with God. the life it brings. 
  19. spaces where introverts are welcome…



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2 Responses to What Brings Me Joy I

  1. A // W // F says:

    So much that makes me want to cheer here…

    And oh, those tree shadows. My kind of photo. 🙂

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