What Brings Me Joy? – Round 2.

This is the continuation of this post:

20. Good touch – friends’ hugs, touch that is a gesture of kindness or empathy, holding a child, any and all of these. I can feel these moments healing my body’s memory of negative/hurtful touch and helping me to relax into enjoying the experience of this particular sense.

21. That I’m beginning to feel safe enough to enjoy wearing skirts and dresses (!!!) and more “noticeable” shoes and jewellery etc. I’m more comfortable feeling feminine, and beautiful. There’s no man around whose gaze particularly scares me into hiding. (One of the reasons why I haven’t been to see my family in a long time – I feel like I need to hide again there. And I don’t want to take a step back.)

22. Nature documentaries – both for feeling the connection with nature, a sense of  belonging, and a sense of awe for its beauty, and also for learning more about it. My mind enjoys getting new information, visual and factual…

23. Mudlarking – as you can see here, for example…

24. The Artist’s Way (some info on this, if you haven’t heard of it.)

25. High quality colouring pencils (e.g. Derwent) – pure pleasure!! And clearly, any other good art supplies :)…

26. Drawing! – I’m so glad I (re)discovered drawing. I work with graphite, pencil, charcoal, pastel pencils etc, on different papers and textures, and I love both playing around and learning it as a skill. Very satisfying way to spend time.

27. Tom Hiddleston 🙂 – intelligent and considered conversation, high standards, high quality work, loves Shakespeare with a passion and seems to have a lovely personality. His performance in “Only Lovers Left Alive”, among other great films. What’s not to love.

28. Jane Austen’s writing. Starting with “Pride & Prejudice”. And “Mansfield Park”. 

29. Shakespeare, in performance (the plays were not written to be read but to be seen!).

30. Colours – in nature, in art, in fashion, in colouring books, in being creative myself …tones, hues, shades, it’s all wonderful to me :). (I LOVE indigo! Just to mention that 😉 …)

blue tones

31. Having something to look forward to! At the moment, a friend who lives far away (as in, different continent) will come to visit soon! And I’m planning my outfit for Pride 🙂 !

32. Carpool karaoke with James Corden :), for example

33. Singing! 

34. Emma Rice, new artistic director of The Globe Theatre, and the first play she directed there this year, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Just a stunning performance allround.

35. Baba Ganoush, especially on really nice bread. Yum!!

36. Art Nouveau – connecting art, crafts and design, full of very organic lines and shapes drawn from nature, with an emphasis on high quality craftsmanship. From architecture to  jewellery, furniture designs or illustrations, I love the style and the thinking behind it.

37. Gloria Steinem. The woman herself, her work, and every book she writes. Here’s her website. Photo by Annie Leibowitz.


38. Rodin sculptures, like these at the Rodin Museum in Paris.

39. The Lake District – I went there last year, and I’m still drawing from that experience, The breathtaking landscape there has left deep traces in my memory.

40. Gerhard Richter’s work. Some examples in this post.

41. Blackwell House in the Lake District

42. Neil Gaiman’s books! Fiction and non-fiction. I like his thinking about writing as much as I like his stories.

43. Ben Howard’s music, for example “Depth over Distance”

44. Beautiful jewellery (design over price tag!)

45. Warsan Shire’s poetry, for example her poem “Home”

46. Michael Leunig’s cartoons and ‘prayer poems

47. Hot bubble baths – not many of these at the moment, since it takes a pleasant bathroom for a pleasant bath…


48. The Shakespeare & Company bookshop in Paris.

49. Rheinberger’s “Abendlied” – I sang it with a choir more than 15 years ago, and I still love it.


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