Slow Down

Lesson of the week. Of the last months. 

This week I get a coughing fit whenever I leave the house (cold air, movement) or move at more than snail pace even at home.

So apart from going to the GP or the hospital for x-rays and to the supermarket, I don’t do much. 

I watch the DVDs I on my shelf that I’ve never seen – Darjeeling Limited was not bad. Belle was alright. 

I re-read most of my Jane Austen books… And watch every version of Pride and Prejudice I’ve got… I youtube and facebook and sleep. 

And I try, for now, to not worry about everything else. I don’t see the cough getting better, despite antibiotics. Waiting for the test results of the x-ray. 

I think this is just my body saying what I’ve been feeling for ages – I need to slow down. I need to live better. What I’m doing is not working for me. I’m exhausted.

I have no solutions to the questions this brings up about where I work and where I live. I’ve been searching for answers for a while already, and can’t find any.


I hope God has a few things planned to help me out…

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3 Responses to Slow Down

  1. Thanks for your thoughtful work. I took many close-up photos of fall foliage last October and November which reflect some of the same visual elements you are capturing. Do rest and take care of your health.

  2. A // W // F says:

    Yes. Rest is both the best and the hardest medicine.

    Get well soon!! ❤

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