For She Will Hide Me

I haven’t written anything particularly ‘introspective’ about vocation in some time… Perhaps it’s the winter, inner and outward hibernation… Waiting… 

I still will not be writing much, so perhaps this is just noticing that there have been new things, surprising changes… Signs of an early spring… They are gentle shoots, fragile new beings, and putting words to them seems too forceful still… 

God is at work in the quiet time, in the waiting. Change happens slowly, almost imperceptibly, and in silence – until it’s ready to be revealed. Until its ready to appear in the light of day.

“The darkness is not dark to you, and the night as bright as the day”…

It is a blessing to feel that the dark is a space for transformation, the night has its joys. And waiting is often a time to receive. 


For she will hide me in her shelter
    in the day of trouble;
she will conceal me under the cover of her tent.


Psalm 27:5




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