Whale Rider


I came across this film by chance, and it’s an amazing discovery. The storytelling has such great depth, the acting is memorable throughout and most likely you’ve never seen any of the actors on screen before. The film is all about identity and leadership, about learning from tradition in the present and finding a vision for the future in it. It’s about family, about relationships, and it’s about the power of a true calling…about the revelation of this calling and about the power of being faithful to it – which, in this case, is setting a whole community free to thrive again. Just an excellent experience, from beginning to end.

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2 Responses to Whale Rider

  1. I saw Whale Rider when it was in theaters.
    I saw it on TV again a few years ago and it still had the same effect on me even though I know how the story would unfold.
    It was Keisha Castle-Hughes’ first film and at such a young age she was phenomenal

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