Blessed Are


Blessed are the irritated because they know their limits/
Blessed are the disappointed because they had hope/
Blessed are those who have no clue where to go next/ because they will learn how to go on anyway
Blessed are the restless because their heart knows it’s not home yet/
Blessed are the angry because their anger teaches them about integrity/
Blessed are the fearful because their courage will need to grow
Blessed are the tactless because they will learn about hurt/
Blessed are those who make easy decisions that lead nowhere/ because they will come across the same questions again and again until they get them right
Blessed are those who don’t know the answers/ because at least they know what to ask/
Blessed are those who ask no questions/ because they will make others wonder
Blessed are those who don’t want to be blessed/ because they have been offered a gift/
Blessed are those who cannot forgive/ because they know that forgiveness is needed/
Blessed are those whose wounds run deep because they will acknowledge pain
Blessed are those whose love has never been welcomed/ because they have loved/
Blessed are those who don’t know how to love/ because others will love despite of them
Blessed are those who have nothing to say to God/ because God can be found in such silence/
Blessed are those whose loneliness has made them bitter because they know what love is worth
Blessed are the humiliated because they know what dignity is/
Blessed are the cold-hearted because they make warmth and kindness in others more visible
Lord/ in your mercy/
Hear our prayer

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