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I’ve been having increasing levels of anxiety these last few weeks, with the by now usual level of horrid news every day, plus the news of my niece’s cancer diagnosis and the connected family troubles, and this week the Weinstein … Continue reading

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The Tightrope Everyday

There’s always stuff to be afraid of, but there’s always stuff to trust as well. (Tom Hiddleston, in one of his Muse of Fire interviews/ source) Find the things you trust, spend as much time becoming aware of those as you … Continue reading

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What You Cannot Change

God grant me the serenity to ACCEPT what I cannot change… The letting go is in the accepting. And that can be the hardest thing to do. Is it all about courage? I wonder. I think there is a time … Continue reading

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Accepting the Painful Ordinary

This is a bit of a “Drop the Thought” post. This is me living Saturday night that leads to Sunday night that leads to going to work Monday morning. Most weeks a rising curve of anxiety. So, soothing self-talk starts: it’ll … Continue reading

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Less Comparing, More Loving

One sure-fire way of making things harder than they are: comparing myself to others. It’s been said over and over again by uncountable writers of happy-life-advice, and I tend to shrug my shoulders and say, “well, that’s part of being human, … Continue reading

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Where I Find Myself

… I have always wanted all this space/ this open pathless place … and now that I stand in it/ instinct tells me to contain  the openness by  trying to discern the paths which others tread/  attempting to set foot on each … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Project Mayhem:
Divided by mountain. Divided by sea. Divided by religion. Divided by gender. Divided by color. Divided by lies. Divided by money. Divided by imaginary lines. DI-verting people’s VISION Image Source

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