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The Tightrope Everyday

There’s always stuff to be afraid of, but there’s always stuff to trust as well. (Tom Hiddleston, in one of his Muse of Fire interviews/ source) Find the things you trust, spend as much time becoming aware of those as you … Continue reading

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What You Cannot Change

God grant me the serenity to ACCEPT what I cannot change… The letting go is in the accepting. And that can be the hardest thing to do. Is it all about courage? I wonder. I think there is a time … Continue reading

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Accepting the Painful Ordinary

This is a bit of a “Drop the Thought” post. This is me living Saturday night that leads to Sunday night that leads to going to work Monday morning. Most weeks a rising curve of anxiety. So, soothing self-talk starts: it’ll … Continue reading

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Less Comparing, More Loving

One sure-fire way of making things harder than they are: comparing myself to others. It’s been said over and over again by uncountable writers of happy-life-advice, and I tend to shrug my shoulders and say, “well, that’s part of being human, … Continue reading

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Where I Find Myself

… I have always wanted all this space/ this open pathless place … and now that I stand in it/ instinct tells me to contain  the openness by  trying to discern the paths which others tread/  attempting to set foot on each … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Project Mayhem:
Divided by mountain. Divided by sea. Divided by religion. Divided by gender. Divided by color. Divided by lies. Divided by money. Divided by imaginary lines. DI-verting people’s VISION Image Source

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I’ll be going to my first gay pride tomorrow. I’ll get there on my own, and I hope I’ll meet friends there. I just watched a video of the parade two years ago: It made me cry. That doesn’t happen … Continue reading

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