Holding on & Letting Go

At the end of this year, what have been your happy, proud, peaceful and grateful moments? Hold these today, and take them with you into the new year. These are the things you can build on in the months to come. These will help you to fill the new year with joy, contentment, peace and gratitude as well.

What have been your painful, fearful, angry moments this year? Hold these today, and then let them go if you can. If there are things you don’t need to carry into the new year, today is the day to lay them down as the unnecessary burdens they are.

May the new year bring you, and me, what we hope for, what we need, and what builds us up and helps us to grow. May we all have fullness of life, held by God who loves us and takes delight in us as we are.

Much love and every blessing to you and those you hold dear.

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