Blue Christmas

It’s not a cheery Christmas for me this year. And I’m quite aware that I’m not alone with that. 

But it’s still true that God is with us. That God came as a little child, vulnerable and dependent on the love of others as we all are. That God came to the place where he was least expected – born to an unmarried couple who were travelling far from home, searching just for a place to stay, for some level of safety so she could give birth to the child that was not planned and that would not be welcomed by much of their family. That God came to people nobody had any interest in or respect for – shepherds, working at night in the fields. That God came to those who were looking for something, but they weren’t quite sure for what – what was that star all about…?

It’s okay to be where we are, to feel as we do. Everything is okay as it is. God is here.

I hope we’ll all have a few moments today when we know that, when we feel God close to us.

Peace be with you. Do not be afraid. God is here.


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