Rise Up, O Lord, To Help Us

There was a need for Jesus to be born. God didn’t bring Christ into the world just as a pretty icing on the cake, no, there was need for him.

Isaiah often describes this as water flowing in the desert, a garden springing up in unfruitful places – where nothing seemed to work, where every effort seemed in vain, where there seemed to be no beauty and no joy, where there was wilderness, weariness, fear, hopelessness, there God steps in to say, “I promise you, you are not alone here. Every effort you make, I will add my efforts to. I will  give an answer to your search for hope and joy and beauty. There is an answer. Trust me.”

And those who know your name will put their trust in you, 
for you, Lord, have never failed those who seek you.

(evening prayer today, Psalm 9) 

The journey has begun.

Wishing you all a blessed time of Advent.

Adventskranz 1. Advent

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