We Are What We Seek


“The Perennial Tradition says that there is a capacity, a similarity, and a desire for divine reality inside all humans. What we seek is what we are, which is exactly why Jesus says that we will find it (see Matthew 7:7-8). The Perennial Tradition invariably concludes that you initially cannot see what you are looking for because what you are looking for is doing the looking. The seeker becomes the seen.” (Richard Rohr)

If you search for healing, you will become healing.

If you search for love, you will become love.

If you search for home, you will become home.

For others, and for yourself.

You are what you seek. What you seek is who you are.

This is not about where you came from, what circumstances, personality, pain and love you were born into. 

This is about who you choose to be.

“What do you seek?” is the same then as “Who are you?”

The answer is entirely up to you. 


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