Can You Feel It?

Not long now. Leaves are already falling. There are still a few sunny days ahead. But my body knows, and my mind is all anticipation. Autumn is almost here… 



Fragile, notice that
As autumn starts, a light
Frost crisps up at night
And next day, for a while,
White covers path and lawn.
“Autumn is here, it is,”
Sings the stoical blackbird
But by noon pure gold is tossed
On everything.  Leaves fall
As if they meant to rise.
Nothing of nature’s lost,
The birth, the blight of things,
The bud, the stretching wings.

Elizabeth Jennings, Collected Poems, Carcanet 1986

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1 Response to Can You Feel It?

  1. dbobstoner says:

    Autumn reminds us that there is life in all its abundance after the gory of Summer. It gives us the opportunity to ‘kick the leaves’, to ponder what is happening and to enjoy the spectrum of colours we experience in nature.

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