I came across this video today, and then read on here about the various incidents of sexist commentary during the current Olympics coverage. The article is very clear about what’s going on, even though the title is not (as in: “Is the editor scared?”).

Welcome to women’s experience of “equality” in 2016 (as in: “Shouldn’t women be grateful for being allowed to compete in the Olympics at all?”). 

corey cogdellnames


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2 Responses to SHE HAS A NAME

  1. Great post! I fully agree with you. Things need to change, especially when roughly half of all the medals that were won by Americans in Rio were claimed by female athletes. I was really disappointed when on the last night none of the commentators even mentioned Claressa Shields, who became the only boxer (male OR female) in Olympic history to defend her title. She brought home golds in two consecutive Olympic games and is probably one of the best fighters of either gender in the ring today–but hardly got any mention. 😦

    • anyushka says:

      Thanks. Yes, it feel like there’s still a long uphill struggle ahead to make women’s achievements count as much as men’s. I’m glad you spotted what wasn’t talked about though! And yay to Claressa Shields!!!

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