Note To Self: Online Arguments, Rule No 1

Dear me, 

this is because I care about you, alright? Sometimes I need to be clear about what’s good for you and what isn’t, so hear me out:

PLEASE do not ever, I repeat, NOT EVER, get into online arguments late at night, no matter how idiotic, bigoted, narrow-minded, blindingly stupid someone’s comment under some post has just been according to your possibly right, possibly just easily irritated, sleep-deprived brain. D O  N O T  RESPOND. D O  N O T  ENGAGE.

N O T .

Did you hear that? Brain? 

There are conversations you do not want. Or need. Especially when your body needs sleep. They have no purpose, no result, and they will NOT help you to get rest. You will not have improved anything, you will not have changed anyone’s mind. Night is not for arguing. Stand your ground when you’re awake and rested. There’ll still be plenty of ground-standing to do… and you might have more wisdom and strength and energy to do it well

No – you don’t go back to see if there’s been a new response. STOP, I SAY!


It is sometimes not possible to get through to people.

Turn around. Walk away. Let it go. Their view of the world is not your responsibility. You have offered a different idea. They are not interested. Leave it there.

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1 Response to Note To Self: Online Arguments, Rule No 1

  1. Online or in person. Night is not the time! Light and love, Shona

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