Stationery Extravaganza

I’ve recently started a new round of The Artist’s Way – and part of the course is going on Artist Dates. So me, myself and I are going on some fun and playful adventures, spending “quality time with myself”, “filling the creative well”, whatever you want to call it.

Today, I decided I’d take a trip to stationery heaven on my date: Paperchase. 

These are the treasures I found:


I bought myself a portfolio – for the first time ever! A gold sparkling journal and one of my fav pens (uniball eye), leaves (also with sparkle 🙂 …) that I will use for collages with acrylic paint, plus a totally fabulous unicorn pen which I declare my mascot for the Artist’s Way:


I also bought stickers to decorate important pages in my Artist’s Way journal: flies and bugs for the “Hall of Monsters” (this becomes clearer if you take a look at the book, basically this is a page for people who discouraged, judged or ridiculed your “creative self” at some point in the past, or maybe still do in the present), and tigers for the “Hall of Champions” (i.e. encouraging supporters of your creative work).

And I got parrots, colourful and playful, who will appear in the journal whenever I’ve been on an Artist Date, to celebrate 🙂 .

I also treated myself to one more marvellous gift:

A signed first edition of Neil Gaiman’s “The View from the Cheap Seats”.


Which makes, all in all, a VERY HAPPY ME. 


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