Here Comes The Sun

New creations!

I’m painting a lot of suns at the moment.

This is actually in response to questions about past discouragement to my creativity in The Artist’s Way. I have an early memory of painting a gorgeous, big, bright yellow sun in kindergarten and loving it – only for one of the kindergarten teachers to shout at me for ruining the brush in the process. So now I’m painting suns, as many as I want, with my own brushes, in all sorts of variations.

I’ve discovered acrylic gold paint in the process, and working with a paint roller. I very much enjoy both!

I’ve also used the paint roller to create some patterned background pieces, some of which are likely to become book covers – a friend of mine does bookbinding. 

The blue painting on the left got a little damaged in transport, but I rather like the spot. It doesn’t feel like a blemish to me.

I’ve also discovered a more geometric side of my creativity, very much to my surprise – black and gold fields in a quite regular pattern. I’ve added some sparkling turquoise card to edge three of the black fields – I wonder if it’s finished. 


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2 Responses to Here Comes The Sun

  1. letsgetreal2016 says:

    I love the geometric. The sparkling turquoise is a wonderful touch that adds depth.

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