I’m such a fan. To see these paintings hung in a gallery is simply breathtaking. They feel just right to me, like he stopped at the exact moment when everything worked, when everything sounded like a beautiful chord would in a piece of music or just the right word in a verse of poetry. A celebration of intuition and discovery.

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11 Responses to Richter

  1. debiriley says:

    love those colors and movements. its is Beauty!! 🙂

    • anyushka says:

      There is a great documentary around that shows a bit of how he’s working, in case you’re interested: “Gerhard Richter Painting” by Corinna Belz.

      • debiriley says:

        thank you Anyushka! it is always fascinating, and educational to see an artist as they work. to hear whats in their minds at the time and how they’re processing the bits and pieces !

      • anyushka says:

        and with Richter, it’s a rare chance, he doesn’t like talking about his process, and may I say, he’s not all that eloquent about it :). I get the impression it’s a lot about intuition for him, about things “feeling right”, at least when it comes to his abstracts, when allows himself to explore and discover as he goes along.

      • debiriley says:

        it is so much about ‘feeling’ what to do next. many times, in class… my hands are moving as if with a brush…. “feeling” for the next right movement.
        and most artists, do NOT articulate well. they haven’t HAD to. I do ‘so-so’ …….. only cuz I teach.

      • anyushka says:

        It’s interesting, isn’t it? I always feel a bit intimidated actually if someone comes along and talks people through their process, as if being an artist was all about thinking, and concepts and theories proven right etc. I’m much more comfortable with the “to know it you need to do it” approach ;)…

      • debiriley says:

        it is! I have had to learn to do it…. as students were always asking! why! what! how! LOL kind of cute, and funny. but it definitely stretched me way beyond what I thought I was capable of.

      • anyushka says:

        it’s such a relief sometimes to be reminded, and it’s usually a rare moment for me :)…

      • anyushka says:

        it may not be there for long, but you can watch it here…

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