Too Young To Feel Regret

I doubt my choices; yet I am too young to feel regret.

I hear the echo of too many voices and forget

to trust my own and what its truth may be.

It’s fear that speaks in me of “never”, “nowhere”, “nobody”.


I am too young to feel regret; I have yet ways to go.

Time tails my every step, a constant threat, a debt I owe

myself – an obligation undeclared,

impossible to pay then, even if I dared


to try this last potential path that comes to mind,

eyes closed to this worst risk of all – that I won’t find

an open door to reach this one remaining thought,

blind to the right road that persists unknown, and hence, unsought.

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3 Responses to Too Young To Feel Regret

  1. debiriley says:

    the right door. will always open. and there will be Light.
    and those 3 words of darkness…… they only are whispered by a liar, meant to turn you from the open door. ((Anyushka)) Debi

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