I’d like to share with you the recipe for one of my favourite meals at the moment: beef goulash! – It’s a treat, and it tasted like one. This is a new venture on this blog, but since I share whatever gives me life, why not include food :)?

This is no recipe found in a book, it’s what has developed in my cooking – it works, so I tend to stick with it.

So, here are the main ingredients – I won’t specify amounts too much since that can be adjusted according to individual taste:

  • diced beef
  • onions
  • mixed peppers

(You can add other veggies of course.)

For seasoning:

  • beef stock cubes
  • tomato paste
  • red wine
  • black pepper, salt, paprika, various herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano,…), chilli, nutmeg and cinnamon


  1. heat oil in a suitably sized pot, add the beef 
  2. when the meat is browned, add the quartered onions
  3. stir in salt, pepper, lots of paprika, chilli and some herbs
  4. put the kettle on – we’ll need hot water in a little while
  5. give the mix in the pot a few minutes, then add the chopped up peppers (I tend to chop onions and peppers in quite chunky bits)
  6. when the peppers have softened a bit, you can add a little of the red wine and stir the whole lot – it helps to yield all the good taste that has by now gathered at the bottom of the pot…
  7. add boiling water, a little more than needed to cover everything
  8. stir in the stock cubes 
  9. set the timer for 30min, put the lid on with a little gap, on enough heat to keep things simmering
  10. after 30min, give it a good stir,
  11. add more spices as needed, this time including a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon
  12. add tomato paste (good for texture too)
  13. add some more red wine
  14. give it another 15-30min, as needed for the meat to be ready.
  15. Bon appétit!


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