Well, here goes…


I’m doing my best to take this day with a sense of humour – hence, hugs to all you lovely  265 people who follow my blog! 

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3 Responses to Well, here goes…

  1. This made me smile! When I was in my teens and 20’s and “Friends” was in its first run, I thought it was a wonderful show because the characters’ love lives were often chaotic or nonexistent–a lot like my own! I could relate to the ways in which “happily ever after” didn’t always happen to them. I think that’s why so many people related to it so well.

    • anyushka says:

      Probably :). I like how uncynical the show is as well. A show about good people none of who tries to kill another, no huge drama or other negativity to keep things going. And yet it works. I loved that they proved it’s possible to make a fun show about nice people just living their lives.

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