Just imagine…


(Isn’t this stunning? I got it here. I’m such a gif addict… which means it’s likely I’ll never be bored again… And yes, I’m leaving it in the “art” category… Debi, this may be one for trying out a stunning turquoise shade and some experimental new invention in watercolour techniques 🙂 …?)

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9 Responses to Just imagine…

  1. debiriley says:

    amazing!! love the gentle, smoothness of the water lapping over the lens. gorgeous seabed patterns as well. cobalt sky, cobalt teal waters with hints of buff and white…. sigh…….. tell me, what more could one ask for?!

  2. Very cool! This past year I was in a graphic design course where we learned how to incorporate gifs into web pages. It opened up a whole new world of wonder for me! 😉

  3. cherylfoston says:

    WOW! This is one of the most beautiful and most coolest gifs I have seen thus far. Thank you, for adding this to your post and sharing!

  4. cherylfoston says:

    Hi Anyushka, I also wanted to thank you, for reading my blog post. I appreciate you doing so. I am enjoying your blog and should not allow anyone to make you feel unworthy, special or gifted because you have truly shown you are. I don’t think you are a blessed fool, but one beautifully blessed young lady. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • anyushka says:

      well, thank you very much :)! and thanks for reading so much of my blog! I really appreciate the encouragement!

    • anyushka says:

      By the way, the “blessed fool” is more to do with St Francis of Assisi than with self-image/putting myself down. More a fool from the perspective of people for who it seems silly to value imagination more than achievement, or faith more than money. That kind of fool :).

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