Into the New Year

In the last weeks, I decided to not care about New Year’s Eve plans. If something came my way, I’d take it. If not, I’d just not bother. 

In the end, I could have gone to friends for a bit, but chose not to. Had a very average evening, cooked something nice but not special, watched “Made in Dagenham” on TV, which turned out to be much better than I expected, and had a glass of Prosecco some time after midnight, toasting to “MY year”. More than half convinced, actually. I feel quite positive about this year and the ones after. I feel quite good about the whole decade ahead… Given my anxiety earlier this year about turning 30, that’s pretty great. 

So now I’m cuddled into a duvet, comfy and cosy and assuming I’ll be awake for a while yet – my neighbours are partying hard… I had not quite considered their plans when I chose a quiet New Year!

I’ve posted what I intend to do with 2016 already – the plan is to write. That’s what I’m giving myself time and resources for, that’s the direction I’m taking. The direction I continue to take, actually.

Some sort of ‘sense forward’ has appeared in my ‘pathless place‘. Amidst all the things that I lived this year, alone and with others, there has been movement, growth, progress, decisions for and against; something more defined is taking shape for the time ahead. The ground I stand on feels firmer every year.

Maybe I just have faith now that there is a way forward. And a good one, too.

I certainly know God has been with me in this last year. And I’m in safe hands for the next.


Thank you all for reading and following and commenting – 

a very Happy New Year to all of you!

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1 Response to Into the New Year

  1. A // W // F says:

    I love the idea of doing New Year’s your way … Even a toast to yourself and YOUR year. 🙂

    Beautiful. I look forward to seeing what’s ahead!

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