Where is peace to be found?

I’ve never felt this question more urgently than I have this year, whether it be the consequence of politics of violence in the world, or personal struggles for wellbeing, clarity and direction. 

Where, in the midst of all of this, is peace?

I think that there is some peace to be found in a life where personality, values, interests and passions are in harmony with work and relationships – where the ‘being’ is reflected in the ‘doing’.

Must that mean that there can be no peace for those of us who don’t find ourselves in this kind of balance yet?

Is there not a way to “live the questions”, as Rilke says, in unison with our ‘being’, and the living of the questions is the ‘doing’ for that time?

There is not just one kind of peace, just as there is not just one kind of love.

Peace might sometimes lie in the acceptance of not knowing, searching, trying, hoping, losing, struggling. 

I’m still me when I fail. I still am alive as myself. I may not see the fruits of this work yet, but can I have faith that the effort is not in vain?

Can I find peace in doing my best, even if it feels like it is not enough? 

I’m not alone. It’s not just me here trying to figure things out, trying to not be defeated. God is with me. This is Advent. This is what I am waiting for. God is here. There may at times be no peace is any part of my life, but God is here. So there is a place for me. There is hope for me, home for me. And there is work for me. I may be doing my work, the work God needs me to do, right at this moment without knowing it, feeling as if I was in the completely wrong place, not doing what I am meant to do. 

The thing about God’s thoughts being higher than my thoughts…

There will be a door to other things. There will be joy. Can I have faith in that? Can I keep the faith in that? Until then, there is yet peace to be found in God who comes to me, as I am, into my life, as it is. 


For there is nothing that God cannot do.

Luke 1:37

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2 Responses to Peace?

  1. A // W // F says:

    So many provocative thoughts here … Keep asking, seeking and knocking. It looks good on you. ❤

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