A Little More Life

The most succinct description of me at the moment is: Introvert in desperate need of alone time. For almost three months now, I’ve had one day a week at the most without “people interaction”, often not even that one day. 

Last night I went out for drinks with colleagues, prolonging tiring work conversations and exhausting work dynamics.

I’ve been having a headache for weeks now. My back aches, my head aches, and I’ve been having a cough since August (GP next week…). My body is sending clear messages.

Last night, I stayed up until early morning, unable to relax any earlier, or rest the mind. It always takes a few days to come back to myself after a few days at work, and longer after a full week. I only have two days to make a start on that. So I cancelled all plans for today. Had a course to go to, cancelled. Had a party to go to, cancelled. Home. Rest. Laundry. Indian food. Getting to some basic semblance of liveable sanity, so I have something to build on during day 2 tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I write.

I’ve been on a writing class for 12 weeks, and haven’t really had time to write because everything else went nuts. 

The nuttiness is slowly receding. Very slowly indeed. 

So I start getting my life back. And solitude is essential part of that. I can only enjoy social stuff if I have enough time for myself. And if I have enough time to create.

Basic ingredients to making things good…

I loved the writing class this week – back to poetry, everyone picking a postcard and responding to the photograph in verse. Had a really good start, photo that interested me, and lots of inspiration followed me home… I went through all the photos I took in the last 3 years and ordered prints of those that felt like they might inspire writing (which turned out to be quite a few). And I realised that there’s an exhibition going on in London that fits the photo I started writing about in class! Love the coincidence. That’s where I’m going tomorrow…

Life will get better again. 

I just noticed that the Advent week of hope seems to be ending on a hopeful note…

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2 Responses to A Little More Life

  1. Bill Britton says:

    It’s a constant struggle to protect boundaries and practice a balanced life. We fall down, we get up. Just keep getting up. Glad you’re already feeling better. (I understand because I definitely need my alone time too, and have to really fight for it.)

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