Gratitude Detox…

Bill is talking in his most recent post about the “antitoxin of gratitude”. Since I feel I need to detox emotionally, I want to spend a moment remembering all that I am grateful for right now, at the same time as I am struggling with a lot of other things. Because there is a lot of good in my life, and I want to give the good space, and not let the negative take over.

I am first of all grateful for a lot of good people in my life who care about me and support me. I’m grateful for every gesture of kindness and love.

I’m grateful that the building works at home are over, that I’m back in my room, and in a much nicer room at that. There is a much better chance of rest now.

I’m grateful for everyone who prays. For every prayer that goes out for others who might not know about it, including me. 

I’m grateful for the ways in which I am taking care of myself at the moment. I am still learning how to do this, and I’m glad that there are things I have learned. 

I’m grateful for my faith. For my prayers. For the experience of being loved and held by Grace. It doesn’t make everything easy, but it makes many things more bearable. 

I pray for everyone who is struggling at the moment, that you may find kindness and comfort in those around you, in your faith, in the experience of bad days passing. And I pray that you may be kind to yourself.

“I will take hold of your hand.”

Isaiah 42:6

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2 Responses to Gratitude Detox…

  1. debiriley says:

    I love that verse 🙂 Thank You, Anyushka for sharing with us

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