Time to Unravel this Weeks’ Knots

It’s the end of a long, LONG week. 

I wish I had enough time between now and Monday to relax each knot in my mind and muscles and feelings. 

What I can do to rest and nourish myself, I will do. Two days to make the next 5 days possible.

I’m sure there will be some sleep. And a bit of walking. A bit of time to notice autumn go by. A bit of good company at the cinema. A bit of inspiration. A bit of prayer, and silence. And a bit of writing. 

Grace may add whatever blessing can be in all of these.

Loyola Hall (first retreat)4

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3 Responses to Time to Unravel this Weeks’ Knots

  1. A // W // F says:

    Much grace and rest to you … A little time in the green and the sun always makes me feel refreshed. Wishing you a heaping dose of calm!! 🙂

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