Mindfulness – Noticing What’s Going On

It’s day (let me count) 5 of mindful practice by now – yesterday I did the body check to actually help me fall asleep  – I’d had one sleepless night already, and really needed the rest (but my mind was still whirring away). It was past midnight anyway… And I slept really well too! It seems tonight I might be doing the same. I’ve recently moved from part-time to full-time work, and there’s less space for my mind to slow down of its own accord, so the practice helps it along. It’s not what it’s meant to be for, but just for now, I appreciate this side effect all the same. 

I’ll be away with the team for the next two days, no real space for myself and surrounded by quite a big group of people all day long, two days in a row. When I’d rather get some space from people at the moment. Introvert yearning for quiet.

I hope I can eke out some down time in dribs and drabs – I’m taking my camera along, in case there’s rain-free time for a walk, and my current book of choice (“Mansfield Park”, Jane Austen – rereading it), and, of course, a journal. Never travel without one. And otherwise, hope for the best. I ended today feeling far from peaceful when I left work, more on the anger and frustration end of things, more to do with people than with my job. So whether the next two days will help this or…not…, we’ll find out. 

On the bright side, this has appeared! Spectacular drawings by Jim Kay. I so want one of those!!! It looks just completely gorgeous. The kind of illustrations you can just dive into and lose yourself in for a while. And I’m really impressed that Jim Kay created something independent of the existing book art and the imagery in the films. That’s a real achievement. Excited to take a first look at this!!

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2 Responses to Mindfulness – Noticing What’s Going On

  1. debiriley says:

    its hard when you go away and lose your normal sleep routine! I’ve learned I need 90 minutes of quiet before bedtime, to quiet my mind to sleep. Thats hard when you’re away! Hope you get better sleep tonight 🙂

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