Hope seems to be the word of the day. Hope because people said they want to welcome refugees – no matter what Dave Cameron may think about it.

v2-refugee-marchSolidarity for Refugees march in London today – photo from The Independent

Hope because Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour party leader – because people said they want integrity. 


(Photo source)

People don’t want careerism, but principles. Someone who deserves respect, who has proven himself trustworthy and sincere. Enough people are tired of lies, of greed and of hypocrisy to make this happen. And it mattered that on his first day as party leader, the solidarity march is where he was. Priorities. 

So there’s hope. 

And I have hope for Germany too, with so many Germans giving such a moving welcome to so many refugees. And because of them, I have hope too for those who still value their fears and prejudice above human beings in desperate need of a safe place. Meeting the people you are prejudiced about is usually the best cure. 

arrival in munich

(Refugees arriving in Munich – photo source and article)

Watching the situation of the refugees, a real need for help, right here, right now, it seems people have been pushed far enough now to show their true colours – either love wins out, or fear. I’m so glad that there are so many Germans who took a leap of faith and said, “Come to us, we can help.” I’m really glad about that. And admittedly, I’m surprised, not least by Angela Merkel.

I’m not surprised by Cameron. Anyone who has watched him at work in the last years can’t be surprised. I wasn’t around to see Thatcher at work, but I don’t think she can have been much worse than him. 

And he thoroughly deserves to be from now on compared to a man as principled and, well, honourable as Jeremy Corbyn – who has worked against politics like Cameron’s all his life. Now there is a balance between two extremes… Let the better man win (not the better-connected man or the better hypocrite).

Things will be different from now on, that much is certain. Not just because there’s Jeremy and because there are a great number of people disagreeing with their government about welcoming refugees. The real difference is that there are a lot of people again who have had enough of the coldness, cynicism and hypocrisy that’s been offered to them as politics, and who stand up for their hope for (and belief in) something better.

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