Today’s Cast: One Dentist, Farquhar and Havel

Finally, I went to the dentist. First time in the UK – got scared off by the reputation of British dentistry and fear of possible bills – and this after having gone for check-ups twice yearly all my life as every decent German citizen does… And if you go to the dentist after a 5 or 6 year break, big surprise, you leave with follow-up appointments involving a drill. Oh dear. And from now on, I’m a flosser…

Only got myself to blame for next week’s lengthy drilling session. At the same time, I tell myself, “Well done, you went, you’re sorting it out, you’re taking care of your health. Good on you”. It does help… I’ll need to do a bit of anxiety management before the appointment… Maybe plan something nice I’ll reward myself with once the pain/numbness subsides… 

Today, I ended the day at the theatre, and was overall pleasantly surprised by “The Beaux Strategem”, a 1707 play by George Farquhar that seems strangely suitable still for 2015. I did not feel particularly comfortable laughing with everyone about the jokes in the beginning, the audience and ensemble seeming somewhat too comfortable with the ‘stratagem’ of the two main characters which mainly involves marrying some woman for money to be able to spend her funds after having spent all of their own, and how many other women they will be having as ‘side dishes’ on the way, with equal carelessness. Not that funny. But the play progresses onto more palatable motivations in the end. Which is not really believable – but we’ll accept it since comedies have to end with marriages… and at least it’s more enjoyable to watch. And it does include a rather unusual depiction of an unhappy marriage and eventual divorce. The latter being unusual for 1707. And pretty up to date with 2015.

Another treat today – a book. What else. I bought Michael Zantovsky’s Vaclav Havel biography (“Havel. A Life”) which promises to be good company for the next few days.

For now, I’ll go floss – and sleep.

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