Savoury Seasons

The light is changing – have you noticed? Dusk comes earlier, and the blue of the sky is higher and colder than before. Clouds seem to become more and more dramatic – you can sense the tension in the air above you; especially today, with these deep black and whispy grey and bright pearl white layers and their yellow tinge, moments before the first cold drops of rain are falling, and thunder rumbles through the streets. And yesterday, the most beautiful rainbow was crossing the cold blue sky and leaden clouds.


Here it is. Sharper, colder, more decisive a season in every way than summer in this country will ever be… And soon it will be mostly wet and muddy. Time for warm socks, jumpers, layers, scarves and parkas…beef casserole and red wine… 

But right now is one of the most exciting moments in the year – when I can see and feel the seasons change. It’s all happening again, in a matter of days – and I savour it. 

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