Momentous Change

Suddenly, the door is wide open.

And I feel like I have a home again. A mother. 

It is an unusual moment of positive change happening that feels so enormous that it takes time to be processed and ‘digested’.

I wrote a few days ago about sending an unusually clear email to my mother when one of her messages upset me (here). 

Since then, a huge conversation has opened up for us that has made it possible for a great number of things to be said – and heard – that had stood between us for years.

And while the hurt of years ago is what it is (or was what it was), here and now, there is an opportunity. Here is an open door. And we both very much want to use it to find each other again.

Grace – to have arrived at this moment, and at these words. 

God is making things new…

When my mother now says, “I love you”, it’s safe for me to believe her again.

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