Bonjour! Buonguiorno ! Olá!

Help!!! I need travel plans for August!!! Most likely as a solo (female) traveller, for two to three weeks.

This holiday will include my 30th birthday, and I’m not feeling great about that day. Even more so as it seems as if I will be celebrating it on my own. So I will definitely NOT sit alone at home and wait with a frown on my face till it’s over :P… Travelling sounds like a much preferable alternative. I intend to enjoy myself as much as I can! 

About the holidays I’m hoping for:

  • I like to not just run through the “tourist programme” but to have time to take a closer look. I want to rest & explore. 
  • I like art and architecture, theatre & places of cultural/historical interest.
  • I like being near water, whether it’s a river or the sea.
  • I don’t much care about shopping&partying.

Paris is a serious contender, but any other tips and suggestions would be most welcome as well! (And suggestions about where to stay etc!)

So if a great place comes to mind, leave a comment! Any and all ideas are appreciated!

Travelling Stamps-320x480 wallpapers

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