Holy Fool

Holy Fool - Leunig

To all who know Michael Leunig’s work already, his cartoons and paintings and poetry and prayers, and to all who do not know him yet, I recommend this beautiful collection of Leunig artworks. It’s one of the most gorgeous, alive and truthful expressions of being human I have seen. I’m in love with it. To turn the pages of this book, halting here and there for a longer look, a smile, some sound of agreement, a moment of artistic curiosity or outright laughter is such a pleasure, can be prayer, is always joyful, always inspiration, and it’s an invitation – “art” can be this friendly, this simple, and this good…

Michael’s website is here, if you’d like to browse some of his work and learn more about him. 

If this is the only book you ever buy, it’s the right choice. If you have a house full of books, this will still be a unique addition, adding abundance to what is already there. 

Seriously. Take a look.

(Here’s a link to “Holy Fool” on the website of Leunig’s publisher.)

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