Do For Yourself What You Would Do For Others

We all know this the other way around – “treat others as you want to be treated by them”. But what if I need to even the balance the other way around? Do I listen to my thoughts as I would listen to someone I really care about? Or do I discount my own hopes and wishes and dreams as less important, less worthy of notice, encouragement and support than the dreams of others…?

If a friend keeps telling me about something s/he would love to do or try or learn without quite daring to go for it – how would I respond? I think if they kept holding back, I’d go with them, take the lead for them, cheer them on, to make it easier, to make it possible.

So what if it’s me instead who dreams, and me who hesitates? 

Do I allow myself what gives me satisfaction, pleasure, joy? Is there space in my life for what I delight in? Just a little? Could it be a little (or even a lot) more?

Do I consider more what I think I ‘should’ do than what my deepest desire really is? 

Who am I trying to please?

Does it feel safe to take a risk sometimes?

Is there room for adventure?

And if not, how can I create the kind of space for myself in which I feel free to explore and play, to try things out and fail (and try again and fail differently)…?

Can I do for myself what I would do for others?

Can I encourage myself as I would encourage my friends, those who I love and whose happiness matters to me?

I would want to see them excited and fulfilled and inspired.

Can’t I give myself that same chance?

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5 Responses to Do For Yourself What You Would Do For Others

  1. debiriley says:

    fantastic message for us all to pause and consider! shared on google+

  2. just a little thought, if you’re not happy, how can you encourage happiness?

    • anyushka says:

      I do what I can to become happier myself. within the limits of what I can choose and influence. a lot of what would contribute to my happiness is not within my control, a lot of it is to do with the choices of others, or with things I don’t yet know or understand.
      so i try to be for others how i would like my friends and family to be with me, as open and supportive and warm as i am able to be. so at least i don’t stand in the way of their happiness.

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