When Life Gets Complicated. A Few Things That Might Help

1. Talk things over with friends and family, with whoever you feel is best. Someone who listens, reassures and gives you space to rest and figure it all out. (Do not talk things through with people who will try to solve this for you, who have an instant answer to everything or who judge you for not knowing your answers.)

2. Pray (if that’s what works for you). It’s good to be reminded that there are places that can’t be taken away, where you always belong, where it’s safe to just be, where you are loved and welcome, without having answers.


3. Spend time with people and things that make you laugh (friends or Friends or …)


4. Take a walk, go for a run, or a swim, play Quidditch… – let your body move. It helps the mind. And sunlight is great too.


5. Spend time outside. Nature helps to centre and calm the mind.


6. Sleep enough, eat regular and reasonably healthy meals. Take it easy on coffee, alcohol etc.

6. Bach’s Flower Remedies. Works for me.

7. Plan things you will be looking forward to (theatre tickets, dinner with friends, a day off in the park, an exhibition…).

8. Be with small things. Be aware of your senses. Touch, listen, see…


9. Keep it simple for a while… 

10. …and trust yourself. The answer is in you. Give it time.

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6 Responses to When Life Gets Complicated. A Few Things That Might Help

  1. debiriley says:

    nature, sunlight, sleep, in the moment…. excellent list! sometimes I like to get feedback/suggestions ideas from others. just in a ‘have you thought about x…’ kind of way, sometimes it gives me more objectivity.
    and Definitely, the more time I spend Outside, the better I am! Great Post, thank You for sharing ! 🙂

  2. For me it’s definitely 4, 5, 5 and 8. I would add: 11) care for other people. focusing on helping other people (rather than letting them help me) takes the mind off whatever is wrong with me and puts things back into perspective… also for 2) I think agnostic/atheists like me can benefit from “non-religious prayer” like mindfulness meditation. I think it is a pity that people don’t really have rosaries any more. Such a great tool to leave thinking space.

    • anyushka says:

      I agree with both additions – 11) is part of my job already, and 12) is actually part of that experience too. When I’m fully with another person, supporting them in whichever way they need in that moment, it helps me since I can’t then ruminate on my own trouble.

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