I think one of the reasons why I’m so interested in Alan Cumming is that he represents sides of me that I don’t usually express for the world to see, that only rarely make a more public appearance, and that I’d like to see and share more of…

He’s funny –


sexy –


provocative –


(what is it with Alan and all his ‘kilted’ photo shoots…?)


playful –

alan cumming b

and very, very courageous –


(In a one man production of “Macbeth”) 


And he has found his medium, he speaks the language that suits him best, and he’s fluent in it. I always feel like I let myself be held back – whether that’s by nature or nurture or personality. There are bits like these in me, and often people don’t know that. I’d love to feel free enough and safe enough and open enough to let them all out… Like Alice’s (and Alan’s) muchness. I hope the time is coming when I can (care a little less what people think, feel a little safer in my own skin…).

I don’t own the rights to the photographs. All copyrighted to their creators.

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