Relax, Take it Easy…

Hmm, things that relax me…

  • having a cup of Earl Grey 


  • taking a bubble bath
  • laughter
  • wasting time with friends
  • a glass of wine and a chat
  • walking in open countryside


  • calm breathing
  • dancing to the radio
  • cooking really nice meals with really nice ingredients (possibly for really nice people…)
  • looking at art that’s so amazing I’m totally absorbed by it

Anish Kapoor – Ishi’s Light

  • writing – if it’s a story that absorbs me, or poetry that says exactly what I need it to say, or journaling
  • … 🙂
  • swimming
  • sitting on a beach, looking at the sea…


  • painting
  • singing
  • reading a book that makes me forget the world (try this one)
  • playing with kids
  • switching off mobile phone, laptop and TV
  • creating something beautiful


  • de-clutter some of my belongings
  • taking a long, hot shower
  • taking a nap…
  • taking a walk with my camera (great way to stop and notice beauty in the details…)
  • a bit of body pampering – lotions, creams, perfume, nail polish…
  • leaning back, closing my eyes, and, for once, doing nothing at all.
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