Make Way, Make Way – Heaps of Books Approaching!

pile-of-booksThis is what’s coming my way soon!

I’ll be a student again soon, this time as a PhD candidate! Back to university, and back to literature! – I can ‘t wait! 

I’ve been offered both a full-time and a part-time place, it’s not sure yet which one I will be able to accept. But with both options open to me, it’s definite now that I can do the PhD, one way or the other.

I’m incredibly excited of course, and a little gobsmacked that the application actually worked out – I wrote my research proposal, found a supervisor and got two PhD applications in within 2 weeks, just before the end of the studentship application deadline I had heard about by chance! I met another PhD researcher at a library and he mentioned studentships that are looking for applicants… So this is the one response I’m still waiting for. I hope very much that this too will work out for me – but even if it doesn’t, I can take the part-time place with a student loan.

So, from now until September, I’ve got a few months to get my head around it all, and to re-organise my life a bit to fit the new adventures… And then it’s off to university!

To me, this is a wonderful opportunity, a gift from God – I so look forward to the work I will be doing. And I feel much better about my birthday in the summer too, knowing that there is a life beyond 30… :)!

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2 Responses to Make Way, Make Way – Heaps of Books Approaching!

  1. welcome to the good fight! Being a PhD student is the best! (and the worst) No, seriously, the best!

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