Resting For God

“It is our best work that he wants, not the dregs of our exhaustion.” (George MacDonald)

“Sabbath honours the necessary wisdom of dormancy. If certain plant species, for example, do not lie dormant for winter, they will not bear fruit in the spring. If this continues for more than a season, the plant begins to die.” (Wayne Muller)

“Sabbath is …
…taking a day a week to remind myself that I did not make the world and that it will continue to exist without my efforts.
…a day when my work is done, even if it isn’t.
…a day when my job is to enjoy. Period.
…a day when I am fully available to myself and those I love most.
…a day when I remember that when God made the world, he saw that it was good.
…a day when I produce nothing.
…a day when at the end I say, ‘I didn’t do anything today,’ and I don’t add, ‘And I feel so guilty.’
…a day when my phone is turned off, I don’t check my email, and you can’t get a hold of me.”
(Rob Bell)

Read, like so many other good thoughts, here.

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2 Responses to Resting For God

  1. debiriley says:

    this just resonates so deeply. it seems society has trained us to believe our value is equivalent to ‘how busy’ we are.

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