Prayer Is…

Prayer is…walking towards an open gate

Prayer is…finding solace in the company of God

Prayer is…hearing the good, the true, the valid

Prayer is…coming home

Prayer is…where I hope to spend most of my time

Prayer is…a happiness

Prayer is…what is offered to me

Prayer is…where my darkness is held

Prayer is…more than all of these

Prayer is…rest

Prayer is…finding new avenues

Prayer is…God saying, “ Tell me who you are”

Prayer is…being heard

Prayer is…learning to trust

Prayer is…an invitation

Prayer is…being reminded that there’s nowhere else I have to be right now, and nothing else I should be doing

Prayer is…God opening my eyes and heart and hope

Prayer is…waiting

 (This is my response to Karen Hering’s suggestion in “Writing to Wake the Soul” to begin writing with the two words “Prayer is…”, repeating them  as many times as you like and to follow where it leads. Try…)

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