No Shenanigans Today


So, how am I celebrating Women’s Day? I texted some friends to see if we can go out for a drink together to cheer each other’s fabulousness. However, it seems, they are all working on Sundays, or travelling or preparing to work on Monday…

Hence, I’m at home, watching “Juno” with a glass of Glenfiddich on ice… She’s got talent for getting into all kinds of shenanigans. Some of which I’m grateful I got around so far…

Not keen on thinking about tomorrow. Monday. Never am. And waiting for whatever will happen next with my PhD application. Hoping the second reference is now in, or almost in. Hoping that’s all the papers they want. 

I need something to look forward to. Would be nice if that included company a little more often. 

But I’m glad I went out to the exhibition yesterday; sunshine and art. It’s a good combination.

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