Peace be with you. 

It’s not, “a different past/ different parents/ a different relationship/job/place to live be with you”, it’s

Peace be with you.

Because a difficult past, difficult families, difficult relationships/work/home life is not the end of all hope, not the end of God’s tether, and not the end of all things good for me. 

Despite all those things, it’s possible to have faith. To pick it up again when it got lost somewhere on the way. It’s still possible to understand that God wants us to be well more than she wants us to be “good”. 

God is a mother who has no end of resources. God is a father who has no limits of love. God has work for me to do that fulfills me and that I’m able to do. God has a home for me where I can rest. And neither worries about my past nor about my future leave God anywhere near as hurt or confused as they leave me at times. 

And I have no idea how this is going to become something good. I have no idea how to create the life that I want, how to find the place and the work that will satisfy me. And it’s overwhelming not to know, and it’s even harder because I cannot ask my parents for advice. 

But I’m right here, right now, and God is with me with love, wanting all the good for me that I want for myself. It may not take the same shape as what I had dreamed up, but I have to hold on to believing that, yes, it will be good, and yes, it will satisfy me. 


I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.

John 10:10


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