Atishoo – A Tissue?

I’m at home with a cold (hello autumn!), Went out to do some necessary shopping. Good to get some fresh air (it’s just a little too fresh at the moment). Anyhow. Apart from seeing a whole fleet of fire trucks parked on the main road, with suspiciously relaxed people in uniforms milling around, I also got a mountain of tissues to take home and – lemons. Yep. It’s all very exciting here.

While I rest to get the free use of my nose, ears and brain back, I try to avoid looking at the rising work schedule that I’m not dealing with while throwing crumpled-up tissues towards the bin. I did check in on emails – which may not have been my brightest idea – but otherwise it’s piling up. Next week, I have almost no time to catch up with anything either. C’est la vie. There’s still no point in dragging myself into the office when I can’t actually think properly – and when I have the rare opportunity to pass on my precious germs. I’ll try tomorrow though, with the maybe illusory hope that I can hide from whatever is going on around me, get the most important stuff done and go home again. 

So, all in all, it’s a wild mix of rain and sun outside, coughing and sneezing inside, and otherwise few answers to anything. 


God bless those who suffer from the common cold. Nature has entered into them, has led them aside and has gently lain them low to contemplate life from the wayside; to consider human frailty; to receive the deep and dreamy messages of fever. We give thanks for the insights of this humble perspective. We give thanks for blessings in disguise.


(Michael Leunig)

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