National Coming Out Day

It’s National Coming Out Day! If that feels like encouragement to you, enjoy and leap out of the closet! 


If not, take your time. Only you know when you’re ready. 

Two bits of advice for those who decide it’s time:

Firstly, please be kind to yourself while being courageous – come out to people first who you know will be supportive. Best check: how do they respond to LGBTQ+ in general? How do they talk about other people who have come out? And how do they react to homophobic remarks? 

And secondly, don’t feel like you have to fit some idea of how you should look and behave or what you should wear, what music you should listen to or who you should hang out with if you’re gay. You’ve just stepped away from one conformity performance. Don’t make yourself join another. Coming out is about YOU being YOU, and not about becoming someone else’s idea of a gay man or a lesbian woman – and that includes the LGBTQ+ community’s ideas and categories as well! 

And please remember – whoever you are is GOOD NEWS. Trust this to be true.

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