God’s Prayer In Us

The goodness of God is the highest prayer, and it descends to the lowest level of our need.

Julian of Norwich


God prays in us, God prays her goodness into us – and this prayer is the purest and deepest being with God there is. Any yearning for God, hunger, longing, thirst, any desire to come closer, comes out of this prayer of God in us. We yearn for God’s goodness, for her compassion, for a place of consolation and hope and welcome.

That’s why unhealthy religion is so impossible, so destructive. We are told to yearn for a judgmental, strict, cold God who wants sacrifice, not mercy.

But the goodness of God is God’s prayer in us, and it’s the mustard seed from which all else grows. The kingdom of God is within us, at the lowest level of our need. Once we accept this level within ourselves, God can begin to work.

Acceptance always precedes change.

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