What Can I Do To Feel More Alive?

I found the question. 

Sometimes what we need is a question to ask, not an answer to give.

What made me feel more alive today? 

What made me feel less alive today?

If you have heard of the Ignatian Examen, this will ring a bell for you. St Ignatius’ questions can be rephrased until they hit that place in you they are meant to address.

For me, it is this.

What can I do to feel more alive?

Have the courage to be passionate about something.

Be so passionate that the unimportant things fall away. Fear falls away. Self-doubt and insecurity fall away. All these tiny little obstacles that have grown and grown and have become insurmountable, they fall away in the face of conviction, of a spirit alive with a single-minded drive, the insight received of what must be done and what I desire to do and what gives me joy and satisfaction to accomplish.

More ALIVE. More in it.

Am I ready to jump?

God give me courage to be alive.


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