Don’t Sing, Just Smile

What’s new? I’m home with Tonsillitis. So, what do I do all day long…? Stay positive. First of all. Smile smile smile. Find things to smile about. Watch Friends, and Gilmore Girls. I worked a bit from here. It’s got its limits though. Got a new book to get through. Doesn’t take long with me. Create a bit. I made a collage last night – it’s all about space and fantasy at the moment. I’m almost through all Neil Gaiman novels (hence the fill of fantasy). Time to write proper emails to friends and family. If I feel well enough, I can go for a little walk in the park.

I can research this&that. I’ve got a story I’m working on, proper character development; have never done that before. So it’s fun.

I just don’t like sitting at home all day. I need achievement of some sort. 

Writing doesn’t work like that. At least not with me. 

So, the happiness balance needs a little gentleness just now. 

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