Let there be light…

I’m waiting impatiently for spring. Yes, it’s slightly optimistic to be impatient already but I can’t help it. I want to be properly healthy again for a change – which kinda means warm and dry… I want to come home and be able to leave again for a walk, for some photography, for sitting outside in the sun. 

Once it’s spring, I’ll have more energy and more positivity. I would like to smile more often again… I get into complaint-mode too easily when it’s all grey outside. 

I really need to move too, I spend too much time alone at the moment, no hanging out with friends (or almost none). And where is it fun to go when it’s raining? And raining? And raining?

Yes. Complaint-mode.

So, how do I turn the switch? 

Get healthy. Not entirely sure how to do that. My body seems reluctant, even with lots of rest.

Create. I can do bits of that while waiting to be well. 

Follow my interests, explore, laugh as much as possible, walk and write, send postcards to friends, pray.

Things will fall into place. Clarity will come in its own time. These things can’t be pushed into place. Enjoy the process.

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